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Powell County is one of 56 counties in Montana. The estimated population in 2004 was 6,873. This was a decrease of  -4.28% from the 2000 census. In 2002, the per capita personal income in Powell County was $19,211. This was an increase of 20.8% from 1997. The 2002 figure was 62% of the national per capita income, which was $30,906.

The county seat of Powell County is Beautiful Deer Lodge, Montana. The pure enjoyment you can experience in Deer Lodge and Powell County is limitless: hiking, riding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, fishing, hunting, pack trips, and photography - all at their very best. The magical land of 'Big Sky' with its primeval forest, gleaming mountain tops, and abundant wildlife, makes the friendly community of Deer Lodge even more appealing. The beautiful Deer Lodge Valley is located between the majestic Flint Creek Mountain Range to the west and the Continental Divide to the east; the Garnet Mountain Range is to the north and the Pintler Mountain Range is to the south. The Clark Fork River runs through the center of the valley. Prime trout fishing in the many lakes and streams of the area is available, as is the excitement of bird and big game hunting. The scenery is spectacular for those of you who prefer to hunt with a camera; a great variety of wildlife can be seen in the bench land, mountains, and valley. There are also several types of wildflowers. The many scenic wonders and attractions contribute to the joy of visitors. Tourism is a major factor in the economy of the area tourism has been carefully planned to avoid the appearance of being a 'tourist trap'. Deer Lodge is known as 'Montana's Museum Capital', for good reason. Many attractions depict the rich history of the area.

Old West history flows through this part of Montana like a vein of gold. The first white men to visit this region were members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition who received critical assistance from Native Americans in the area to cross the Continental Divide and the Bitterroot Mountains west of present-day Dillon. Other prominent historical events in our region include the numerous gold strikes and subsequent vigilante justice in places like Bannack and Virginia City; the battle between Chief Joseph's bands of Nez Perce and the United States Army; and the rise of the Copper Kings whose empires helped provide the country with electrical wire at the beginning of the 20th century. These stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There's more history to be found nearly everywhere you go in Gold West Country.

Powell County is also home to Avon, Elliston, Garrison, Goldcreek, Helmville, and Ovando, Montana. For more information on Deer Lodge and Powell County, please see the county website at:

For information on schools in Powell County, please see the Powell County Schools website.