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St Regis

Just 16 miles west of the county seat (Superior), and 80 miles west of Missoula, St Regis is situated on I-90 at the confluence of the St. Regis and Clark Fork rivers, as well as Highway 135, the shortcut to Glacier. St. Regis is ideally located enroute to the splendors of Flathead Lake, Glacier/Waterton Parks, the National Bison range and the Flathead Indian Reservation. The town is nestled in mountains abundant with lakes, forests, hiking trails, ski slopes, snowmobile runs, game and wildlife, fishing, whitewater rafting, and thousands of miles of creeks and rivers. 

St Regis was named after a Jesuit priest, Saint Regis DeBorgia. It began as a shipping point for the lumber industry, which is now minimal. Once a well-established mining and lumber town, the community is now primarily a tourist related town, offering a golf course, a large community park and a Travel Montana Visitor Information Center. St. Regis also hosts the largest Flea Market in Montana every Memorial Day weekend. 

In the 1850s, Congress appropriated money to open a road in the Northwest for wagons from Walla Walla, Washington to Fort Benton, Montana. The leader of this expedition was Captain John Mullan. It was mountainous, covered with huge trees, and not even Indians used the area so there were no trails. It was a monumental task to create a road through these rugged mountains. Once Captain Mullan established the road route, it provided access to settlers, prospectors, frontiersmen and adventurers. Here and there, families traveling westward settled along the passage.

The geography of the town provides some of the most moderate temperatures in Montana, both summer and winter. The scenic beauty of the town nestled in the mountains is right out of a picture book.

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Garbage: Private hauling, public disposal.

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TV: 30 Channels w/cable